Storm in a Teacup

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”
― Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

Taking time out for a cup of tea, no matter what type is something that pretty much all of us do. So lets celebrate & pour it into something special.

Celebrity Tea lovers

Lady Gaga is often seen with a beautiful cup & saucer in her hand even on the Graham Norton show.

Get your own Lady Gaga moment with a special cup & saucer that makes the occasion.

More celebrity tea lovers

include Daniel Craig & Taylor Swift

China Crisis

Tea in a china cup

The Tea Expert’s Method

  • Warm the pot
    Whether using tea bags or leaf, a quick swirl of hot water means the cold doesn’t shock the tea.
  • Use a china teapot
    Why, because it is traditional and part of the ritual.
  • One per person and one for the pot
    Still, the golden rule when using a loose-leaf tea.
  • Freshly boiled water
    Boil the water fresh, (not reboiled) for good oxygen levels.
  • Stir
    Stirring the tea leaves or bags helps the tea to infuse.
  • The Time
    3 to 4 minutes is the time needed for optimum infusion.
  • Milk?
    Milk first or last is an age-old question. Originally milk first was to avoid cracking delicate china cups with hot tea but adding milk after is a good way to judge the strength of the tea. However, it is each to their own.

Perfect tea time


Tea on a tray what more of a luxury. This Poole pottery tea set contains 2 cups, milk jug & a sugar bowl with a beautiful tea pot pot. Looks stunning & is a great start to the day especially those lazy weekend lie ins

This rarely found complete Poole Pottery early morning or breakfast tea set was created in the 1950s and consists of a ceramic tray, 2 cups, a milk jug, sugar bowl and teapot. The tray  has indentations in it to prevent everything moving about.  When Poole developed the Streamline range of Twintone pottery in the 1930s it was the thing to take tea in bed. This set, probably designed with this romantic idea in mind, is now perfect for lunchtimes and friendly chats, and is the perfect gift idea. 

Royal Wessex Somerset Ivy Coffee Pot